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A main characteristic of Mate Rojo brand.

The natural stationing, the importance of knowing about it.

It is the post- leaves-drying process, and consists on letting the Yerba Mate mature "naturally" on our "particularly suitable" deposits, thus giving the ideal aroma, color and mild flavor.

From its beginnings as a brand, Mate Rojo is known for its Natural stationing. Before there was what is now known as accelerated stationing, all yerbas were stationed naturally for several months. In the 1980s, because of the shortage of Yerba Mate, the accelerated stationing process was created, greatly reducing the lapse of statioing and in some cases shortening it to just 30 days.

The accelerated stationing process consists on introducing moisture and heat by force into the deposit through a boiler placed beside the deposit. It was very important from a financial point of view, as it was able to reduce the costs of maintaining the stock stopped for many months.

But for Mr. Juan Eladio Stepaniuk, founder of Mate Rojo, the quality was the most important thing, so he decided to keep the natural stationing system which was traditionally used and will still be maintained.

Because it respects the natural process times, there is no doubt that the quality of a naturally stationed yerba is higher than the accelerated stationed one, resulting in a tastier and softer mate.

Always taking care that the storage conditions are optimal and deposits are of the highest possible construction quality, progress was made in the development of special deposits with moisture isolated floors; always using pallets to separate the merchandise off the floor and with strict control and taking of periodic samples to evaluate the process of stationing.

The Natural stationing lapse used goes from a minimum of 12 months to 24 months depending on the variety in question.

- Mate Rojo Special Selection: 24 months
- Soft Mate Rojo: 24 months
- Traditional Mate Rojo: 18 months
- Composite Mate Rojo: 18 months
- Mate Rojo Tereré: 18 months

When choosing Mate Rojo, you choose a natural choice backed up by a family who has passion for the quality
of Yerba Mate.

Asunción 606 - C.P. 3360

Oberá - Misiones - Argentina
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